Hashing is fun-running based on a "hare and hounds" trail which caters for all abilities. The hare sets a trail in chalk and flour, including false trails, loops and checkpoints, which help to slow the front runners down while they look for the next bit of trail, thus allowing the slower runners to catch up. The distance is usually about 4 to 5 miles, lasting an hour to 90 minutes. We run in woods, parks, towns, villages and around fields. We’ll typically meet in a car park or convenient layby, but occasionally in a nice warm pub. The run is always followed by beer drinking and bad singing. We will be easy to spot - a mixture of people of wildly varying fitness all dressed in running gear, addressing each other by odd nicknames. Just turn up and ask for one of the committee members, and we'll look after you.


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Contact Bummer on 01572 767336/ or Canary Boy on 01780 238435/ ,or you can find us on Facebook!

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  Sun 8th July 2018 - 10:00 1165 Verge Parking,Park Lane Haverholme.(NG34 9PF) Masturgater Facebook
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Disclaimer and Liability Waiver: Whilst we will look after hashers as much as we are able, Rutland Hash House Harriers (RHHH) will not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, trauma, death or mental distress however caused or sustained by any participant in any events or associated with them. By agreeing to participate, participants expressly waive their rights to pursue RHHH and those who have organized the events, those associated with the events, officers, management, sponsors, close relatives, friends, blokes they've met in pub or anyone else. Participation is deemed as agreement with this liability waiver and will indemnify the RHHH against claims, costs and damages. Participants accept that hashing can be hazardous, particularly where drinking is involved, and that hashers, by their very nature, can be buffoons.